Escape Room Catalina

Press Release

Escape Room Catalina 310.510.8575 Opening Weekend Kick-Off
July 13, 2017 1:30pm – 9:00pm

The “Escape Room” craze is sweeping the nation and has made its way off the Southern California coast to Catalina Island. Over 26 miles off-shore from Los Angeles, the small Isle of Santa Catalina is home to a population of just over 4000 and is well known for it’s Wrigley Chewing Gum ties and Chicago Cubs baseball training camp legacy.  The Island is steeped in history and mystery making it a perfect backdrop for the thrills of an escape room.

These rooms are an interactive game that consist of clues, puzzles, and props that inter-play and build-on to create an element of surprise as each task is completed revealing the next step. The ultimate goal is to solve the given target which is dependent on the theme of the room and the back story given to the participants before they start. If players hit a road block they can ask for up to three hints to continue making progress enabling players of all abilities to participate. As the clock ticks down, the given 60 minutes quickly pass and the pressure to escape increases.

Escape Room Catalina is unique for many reasons aside from its geographical location. Developed as a program to support the local Catalina Youth Arts Exchange, proceeds help fund scholarships and various opportunities to enrich the lives of local students. This is a family friendly activity for children 10 and up.  A valuable addition to Avalon’s many tourist attractions.  A must, for avid escape room fans and something new for the loyal visitors to Catalina that make the pilgrimage to Avalon on an annual basis.

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