How do we get there?
*Get there as a team earn an extra clue…  Transportation will be provided if you can follow the clues of your first task, stay alert as you may be given additional details prior to your game time.  By boat, plane or helicopter make your way to Catalina Island. Thirty (30) minutes prior to your tour go to the grocery store islanders call “VONS Express” and outside on the wall you can place a call. A black phone allows you to deliver the secret code. Lift the receiver and when you hear a friendly voice tell them “I need a cab code word – Holiday Escape.” The white checkered van will arrive and whisk you away to our secret location! Feel free to tip your driver, but the fare is complimentary. Then the real game begins…

What to Bring?
Nothing is needed to meet the challenge, except your creative mind. Be ready to solve puzzles that will test your problem solving abilities!

Photos/Video allowed?
Not while game play is in progress. Emergencies requiring the use of your phone are to be dealt with outside of the escape room.

What is an Escape Room?
An escape room is an interactive adventure game in which players solve a series of puzzles using clues, hints and strategy to complete the objectives at hand. Players are given exactly 60 minutes to achieve the ultimate goal depending on the plot of the room. Escape rooms are inspired by “escape-the-room”–style video games.


All participants must sign a liability waiver or, if a minor, have a waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian. Children 16 years and younger must be accompanied by an adult.  Parties with children under 10 are requested to book a private room experience.

Escape Room Catalina asks that you arrive and check in at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the Program. If you are more than 5 minutes late from YOUR arrival call time, the Program will be canceled, you will not receive a refund.

For the safety and enjoyment of our players Escape Room Catalina is a substance-free environment and guests under the influence will be turned away.

We ask that you respect our facility so that others can also enjoy our games!


Terms and Conditions: By purchasing or using products and/or services offered by C.Y.A.E. (“Escape Room Catalina”), you are agreeing to be bound by this Refunds and Procedures Policy.

Liability Waiver and Release: Your participation and the participation of any of your guests in any Escape Room Catalina program (the “Program”) is subject to your and their execution of the Escape Room Catalina Liability Waiver and Release (the “Waiver and Release”) at the time of your arrival for the Program. If you or your guests choose not to sign the Waiver and Release upon arrival, you and your guests will not be allowed to participate in the Program.

Refunds: All sales are final; due to the timing and nature of this activity you will not be eligible for a refund of the Room Fees.  Escape Room Catalina may, in its sole discretion and based upon availability, reschedule the Program should you need to cancel your set reservation.

Health Concerns: You understand and acknowledge that, during the Program, you may experience certain conditions, including, but not limited to, loud noises, potentially offensive smells, claustrophobic conditions, low lighting conditions, smoke effects and possible allergens. Please be aware that the Program may include strobe lights. Strobe lights have been known to cause potential adverse physical and medical reactions, including, but not limited to, photosensitive epilepsy. You represent and warrant that you do not have any medical or psychological conditions that prevent you from participating in the Program.

Age Restrictions: It is the policy of Escape Room Catalina that anyone under the age of 18 will not be allowed to participate at the Event unless accompanied by a waiver signed by their parent or guardian.

Minors: If any participant is between the ages of eighteen (18) and one (1) (a “Minor”), such Minor must obtain written consent from their parent or legal guardian to attend the Event and/or to use Escape Room Catalina’s facilities. No person under ten (10) years of age shall be permitted to participate in the Event and/or use Escape Room Catalina’s facilities unless the room is booked as a private party.  

In the event any liability arises, directly or indirectly, as a result of a Minor’s actions or omissions, including but not limited to, any injuries (including personal injury, disability, dismemberment and death), illness, losses, damages, claims, liabilities, costs or expenses of any kind or nature, then the Minor’s parent and/or legal guardian shall be vicariously liable for any and all such liability. If any Minor fails to comply with Escape Room Catalina’s reasonable requests during the Event or anywhere on Escape Room Catalina’s premises, then Escape Room Catalina and its authorized representatives reserve the right to terminate the Event without refund.

Conduct: Escape Room Catalina reserves the right to terminate the Program, at any time, if Escape Room Catalina, in its sole discretion, deems your conduct or the conduct of one or more of your guest to be harmful or potentially harmful to Escape Room Catalina, its employees, its other guests or any others.

If any Program (Game) is terminated by any of the above-stated reasons, you will not receive a refund of the Fees and it is the sole discretion based upon availability; Escape Room Catalina or any of its affiliates reserves the right to reschedule the Program.

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