Jennifer A. – Chicago, IL

I had never done an escape room before this experience, and truthfully, I was a bit apprehensive as to what all the hype was about. We arrived a few minutes early and the hosts greeted us almost immediately. They explained the challenge to us and really brought us into the story. We entered the room and the fun began! Everything was set up perfectly and there was something interesting to see in every direction. Our group had ages from 4 decades represented and everyone had knowledge that helped us to progress through the clues. With each minute ticking away the game got more exciting. We were yelling and laughing and running around with adrenaline soaring, trying to ESCAPE! We made it to the last clue with only minutes to go……but sadly we were not fast enough and ESCAPE ROOM CATALINA watched us perish. I haven’t had this much fun in months. We can’t wait for the next time we can visit the island and see what new experience they have waiting for us! Thanks for a fabulous Saturday night!