The Cause

Catalina Youth Arts Exchange (C.Y.A.E.) is a non-profit performing arts organization. Under the umbrella of C.Y.A.E. is: Kids at Play, Children’s Theater Company, Dance Akademy, KAMP, a performing arts day camp and Avalon Goes… “a cultural traveling group.”  C.Y.A.E. has provided performing arts and cultural experiences for the residence and visitors alike for the past 25 years.  C.Y.A.E. is an integral part of the Avalon Community and the development of its young residents.  Escape Room Catalina is the newest member of the C.Y.A.E. team and providing quality, unique and creative experiences.

All who participate in C.Y.A.E. programs are taught self-esteem, self-worth, creativity and individuality. Your participation in Escape Room Catalina ensures that these worth-while programs continue to thrive and grow.  Scholarship and mentoring programs will be possible from your contributions to our cause.

Your contribution will make the difference in the life of a child.

C.Y.A.E. Tax ID # 330448139


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