Welcome aboard and cheers to accepting the challenge, your escape room experiences is just hours away.  This page has a few tips for a great experience:

  • Scroll to bottom if you are LATE or LOST???
  • Bring your reading glasses if you use a pair
  • Dress comfortably ~ you will be investigating and moving around the room
  • A little spending cash can’t hurt, you may want to tip your room hosts or grab a drink or a bite at the local snack lounge or restaurant after your experience

IF you wish to use your own transportation please scroll to the bottom of this email to find our address.

NEED A RIDE? Go to the grocery store islanders call “VONS Express” and outside on the wall you can place a call. A black phone allows you to deliver the secret code. Lift the receiver and when you hear a friendly voice tell them “I need a cab code word – Holiday Escape.” The white checkered van will arrive and whisk you away to our secret location! Feel free to tip your driver, but the fare is complimentary.

When you arrive at your destination look for a lobby – ask for directions to the Catalina Room and you will be on your final leg of the journey!

Any problems on this adventure please call or text us swiftly (310)510-8575 plus we are only a click away via email if you chose to reply from here!

Cheers, the Escape Room Catalina Crew

Join our invite list and add us to your address book.


Driving yourself or Call a cab (310)510-0025 use our pass word “Holiday Escape” and have them take you to the Holiday Inn Resort at 888 Country Club Drive please go to the lobby (1st floor) and ask for directions to the Catalina Room.

Escape Room Catalina – benefiting Catalina Youth Arts Exchange

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